Interpretation Layer

The Stack Report is a platform to learn about the creation of a de-centralized tech stack for the internet.

Supporting users, developers and investors with pro-active analysis and tools of publicly available data streams, starting with the Tezos network.

In the chart catalog and on the smart contract dashboards pages a large number of graphs and data visualizations can be found, displaying on-chain activity by users and systems.

Making meaning out of data often requires extra context.

The Interpretation Layer is intended to become a set of tools to add context and meaning to charts and datasets on The Stack Report data platform.

Chart Notes, as will be introduced below, is the first tool of the interpretation layer. Allowing community members to place and share notes on top of Stack Report charts.

More tools to interpret & share datasets and data visuals will be added to the interpretation layer over time.

Chart Notes

Chart Notes is the first of these tools to be made available. These are publicly visible notes that can be left behind by community members as well as the stack report team.

See below for a chart with a note placed on it.

Model chart

Notes are fixed to a specific chart and can be placed at a specific value on the x axis.

The note can be edited by the author at any time. When a note is placed, it initially is only visible privately to the author.

For further information on how to interact with Chart Notes see the Chart Notes Announcement post.

Access Cards

Access to the tools that make up the Interpretation Layer is managed through a set of digital cards. These cards are published on the Tezos blockchain.

The full set of Access Cards can be found on at:

The Stack Report uses Access Cards to manage the growth of users on the platform in a controlled manner.

New cards will be added in the future as the set of tools and community of interested users grows.

Below is a selection of the cards that are currently available.

0 cards available.

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Connecting your Tezos account

The Interpretation Layer Access Cards can be held in a Tezos account. To validate that you hold an Access Card on, you need to sign in with your Tezos account.

This consists of two steps:

  1. Establishing a wallet connection.
  2. Confirm account ownership by signing a log-in message.

Initiate this process by clicking on the 'Connect Wallet' button in the top right corner of the web page. Then within your Wallet UI, two pop-ups should allow you to first connect, and then sign the log-in message.

After that, our servers will further check if you currently hold an Access Card. On your account page you can confirm that you own a valid card.

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