About The Stack Report

The Stack Report is a publication covering stories in the Tezos ecosystem through blockchain data visualisations. Decentralised open source platforms such as Tezos provide a new tech stack for society to organise itself socially and financially. The next generation of builders and creators are building projects and systems with new ideas around collaboration, ownership and how communities can come together. This is all happening digitally, open source, and “on chain”, meaning we can all observe their stories as they play out.

The Stack Report transforms the data streams coming from this stack of digital, social and physical layers of this new decentralised world into data-driven weekly recaps, monthly deep dives and long-form stories into specific themes and topics. The focus of the Stack Report is on the self-amending, energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, leveraging both existing and custom-developed blockchain data analysis tooling. Bringing together a small team of specialists in data science, visualisation & storytelling to capture the unique stories developing on the Tezos chain.

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