Chart Notes & Interpretation Layer Launch
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January 15, 2023 6:00 PM

Chart Notes & Interpretation Layer Launch


Today the Interpretation Layer on The Stack Report went live with the launch of Chart Notes. This is the first in what will become a suite of tools to add context and meaning to data streams coming from the new tech stack for the internet.

Chart Notes give you the possibility to leave behind notes for yourself and for others, giving context to specific moments or changes in trends in data. Below you can see a chart with data from the Tezos HicEtNunc NFT contract with notes added to it.

Model chart

The Stack Report team will actively place notes on charts for some key events and moments but the broader community can also leave behind such notes. Why would you want to add Chart Notes? You can leave behind notes for your own memory but also for others by publishing them to the community layer. There you are contributing to a broader understanding of the history of Tezos blockchain.

Further down this post will be more detailed instructions on how to place, publish and show or hide chart notes.

Interpretation Layer

Chart Notes are part of a set of digital tools which collectively are called the Interpretation Layer on The Stack Report. Access to these tools in most cases is restricted to holders of Interpretation Layer Access Cards.

A small number of cards will be made available at launch and are published on the Tezos blockchain. A handful of lower-numbered cards are listed at special higher prizes for those that wish to provide more support, but overall cards will be available at an intentionally accessible price point of 2 tez. Total supply of access cards will also be fluid and grow over time as these cards are mainly meant as access mechanism to allow the growth of the Interpretation Layer in a controlled manner.

Validating ownership of a valid Access Card is done by signing in with your Tezos wallet through the controls in the top right corner of the page. On the account page you can then validate your ownership of an Access Card.

Chart Notes controls

Below the core interactions with Chart Notes are demonstrated in short videos.

Controlling note visibility

Notes can exist in multiple layers of visibility:

  • Private
  • Community
  • Curated

Just above the main chart area is clickable area which is meant to quickly toggle community-layer visibility. Visibility for the other note layers can be controlled through the menu in the top right corner of the chart.

Adding a new note

Adding a new note is done by positioning and clicking on a specific point on the x axis of the chart. In a lot of cases it is easier to position it on a specific date by first zooming in a little bit with the timeline brush.

NOTE: Chart Notes can only be stored when you hold a valid Access Card

After placing the note you can then edit the note text and store it in the database. If you want to publish it to the community layer you can do so by clicking the eye button on the left. See the next video:

The Stack Report will actively review new community notes and curate a small selection of key notes that will be visible by default on charts.

Deleting a note

Non-curated notes can be deleted at any time by the original publisher of the note simply by clicking the trash can icon on the right.

This is a first iteration of the Chart Notes tool and we are looking forward to see how you will start using it.

For further reading check out the specific page on the Interpretation Layer.