Smart contract block space and baker fee charts
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September 27, 2022 12:00 PM

Smart contract block space and baker fee charts


Block space and fee share statistics charts have been added to Tezos smart contract dashboards. We'll briefly define the top line metrics and then jump straight into some examples.

Block space share : Percentage of transactions taken up by this contract in total nr of transactions for the day.

Baker fees : Xtz paid to bakers for this contract in absolute xtz value.

Baker fee share : Xtz paid as percentage of total baker fees.

Examples of insights

What kind of learnings can be taken from looking at block space share and baker fees?

Assessing impact of specific dApps and users on overall Tezos usage:

Hic Et Nunc

Model chart

In 2021, at its peak the Hic Et Nunc marketplace contract contract calls made up close to 50% of all contract call transactions on the Tezos blockchain.


Peaks in fees to get priority on major NFT releases.


Model chart

On many days, fxhash minting contract generates the vast majority of baker fees on the Tezos chain.

See the next chart for the amount of baker fees generated in absolute xtz terms by the fxhash generative tokens v2 contract.

Model chart

Where to find fee share & baker fee stats

These charts can be found for each smart contract on the dashboards pages, under the baker fees and block share sections.

Metrics added:

  • Baker fee sum per day
  • Baker fee max amount per day
  • Baker fee median amount per day

  • Contract call share per day
  • Transactions share per day
  • Baker fee share per day

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