TSR Weekly | 6.22
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February 8, 2022 1:00 AM

TSR Weekly | 6.22


As The Stack Report data machinery is slowly starting up, here is this weeks recap of Tezos in Data for week 6 of 2022. Highlighting interesting Tezos data stats every week.

In this weekly we stick to four core data views, showing Tezos activity that we’ll most likely get back to again and again through the year.

First off, Tezos is a blockchain. It’s purpose is to produce blocks for wallets to add transactions. Tezos has been doing that without missing a day since launch in 2018.

Nr of blocks added to the main chain per day:


In the first years, blocks were added at a rate of 1 per minute. So without interruptions that would be 1440 per day. After the Granada upgrade this sped up to 30sec per block with the ideal target of 2880 blocks per day.

Second, how many wallets are adding transactions to the chain? Here we have two interesting views to compare, the first is how many wallets are adding transactions: (visual shows last 365 days)


On a daily basis this comes down to roughly 10 to 15k wallets. This does not necessarily mean active users as one individual can operate multiple wallets.

The last visual for this weekly is the reverse of the previous one. How many wallets are actively on the receiving end of a transaction? This visual shows a pattern that is unique to tezos:


You can see two levels in the graph appear. On a daily basis around 10k wallets are receiving transactions. But every third day it spikes up to 70-90k because wallets delegated wallets are receiving their rewards.

This gives a sense of how many wallets are actively engaged in Tezos staking.

The last visual is transactions per day since launch:


It took a while for Tezos to get started, but it’s been well tested over the past year and now it’s blocks are filled with hundreds of thousands transactions per day.

Until next week!