How active is the Tezos community? - TSR Weekly | 10.22
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March 9, 2022 7:30 AM

How active is the Tezos community? - TSR Weekly | 10.22


In this Stack Report weekly recap we are taking a look at a handful of core Tezos usage metrics. Tezos is a blockchain that allows users to commit transactions to the chain by using wallets and smart contracts. In this weekly we answer the basic questions such as: How many wallets are interacting with each other on the Tezos chain? How many smart contracts are actively being used?

Check out the charts below for the breakdown.

Note on terminology

In the below charts we use the term wallet. In this case we refer to addresses on the Tezos chain that start with tz. These are called implicit accounts. They are linked to a public key (which is usually managed by a wallet). We use the term wallet here as that is the most relatable component that people interact with in their day-to-day use. Another thing to note as well is that individual users can maintain multiple tz addresses. So active wallets in the below charts does not necessarily reflect the nr of active users.

This is an evolving space so if you see a mistake in terminology or have feedback to provide on the definitions please feel free to comment or reach out!

Weekly active wallets

For the past months around ~40.000 wallet addresses have been actively initiating transactions on the tezos blockchain. You can clearly see a number of moments where activity on the Tezos blockchain jumped up in terms of number of wallets involved in the action.


Wallets on Tezos total

The below graph shows the total number of wallet addresses that have actively interacted with the blockchain. Close to a million addresses have been created and actively used at some point already within the Tezos blockchain.


Unique addresses in transactions

As of writing close to 150.000 addresses (both tz and KT) are actively involved in transactions on sending as well as receiving side (i.e. sender.address & target.address) on a weekly basis. Comparing this to the about ~40.000 weekly active wallets you could very roughly conclude that on average each wallet interacts with around two to three contracts per week. Of course this being economics it will most likely follow some kind of pareto distribution.


Unique addresses on Tezos total

Over two million addresses (both tz and KT) have actively been involved in transactions on the Tezos blockchain up till March 6, 2022.


Transactions per week

Initial usage started to show itself in 2020 in terms of transactions per week, subsequently really kicking off in 2021.


Transactions on Tezos total

Tezos hitting 80 million transactions between wallets and smart contracts. (Excluding endorsements and other protocol/governance-level operations)


Contracts used per week

This chart shows the unique nr of KT addresses that were targeted (target.address) in transactions. As you can see this has been somewhat steady already since the launch of the Tezos mainnet even though actual Tezos usage only really started to kick off in 2020/2021. This is because delegation for baking rewards was the main functionality that was initially actively used and that involved a so-called “script-less” KT1 address. See these docs for further details:


Contracts used on Tezos total

Over 60.000 contracts have received active usage on Tezos. This number is starting to increase significantly now that more tools and platforms such as are enabling the creation of new artist controlled smart contracts through UI interfaces.


These above charts show initial adoption of the Tezos blockchain with sustained usage across 2021 which is maintained and even growing further into these initial months of 2022. Keep an eye out on The Stack Report for further updates as this story continues!

Feel free to download and share these charts yourself and be sure to tag @thestackreport!