The Stack Report - Launched!
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January 31, 2022 8:00 AM

The Stack Report - Launched!


Feb 1, 2022. Today is launch date for The Stack Report! The website is live as you are reading this right now. Later this day the first Weekly Recap will be shared. Read on to learn what The Stack Report is, what to expect going forward and how you can engage right now.

What is The Stack Report?

The Stack Report is a publication covering stories in the Tezos ecosystem through blockchain data visualisations. Decentralised open source platforms such as Tezos provide a new tech stack for society to organise itself socially and financially. The next generation of builders and creators are building projects and systems with new ideas around collaboration, ownership and how communities can come together. This is all happening digitally, open source, and “on chain”, meaning we can all observe their stories as they play out.

The Stack Report transforms the data streams coming from this stack of digital, social and physical layers of this new decentralised world into data-driven weekly recaps, monthly deep dives and long-form stories into specific themes and topics. The focus of the Stack Report is on the self-amending, energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, leveraging both existing and custom-developed blockchain data analysis tooling.

Charts & Visualisations

The vision for The Stack Report is to cover the defining stories at every layer of this new tech stack for the internet. Using data visualization to get to the truth behind the hype. To both cover and discover those stories we’ve set up a system to convert data streams coming from multiple layers of the tech stack into searchable collections of charts, fully ready to be used in articles and shareable across the internet. These visualisations make up the building blocks for the articles by The Stack Report.

You will come across these charts and visualisations in the various articles coming soon. Alternatively you can already start to dig deeper by going to the page, where you can also search through the visualisations yourself. At time of writing there are already 100+ charts rendered and available on general Tezos ecosystem activity and the top contracts receiving most engagement on the blockchain.

The custom data pipeline and animation production has been set up to pre-render these data visualizations at scale in share-ready file formats. The charts in video format (mp4) contain smooth animations to grab the attention in social feeds. While the static picture format can easily be used in other documentation & reporting. Because these are pre-rendered they will only show data up until about the time they were created and uploaded. New visuals in the various collections will be produced at regular intervals for weekly and monthly reporting.

To give a preview of what these look like, this is for example the chart visualising marketplace activity:


You can interact with the visual by tapping on it (on mobile) or hovering with the mouse cursor. This will show extra information and controls for downloading the visual as still frame (png) or video (mp4) ready to be used and shared. Each visual has its own web page on The Stack Report as well which can directly be linked to. That leads us to what you can do next.

How to contribute

The visualisations created by The Stack Report are meant to be downloaded, copied & shared so that we as a community can learn and grow together. So if you see something interesting in the data, when you have a unique opinion, perspective or insight to provide, then please do use any of the visuals you can find on to share those learnings with the rest of the community!

To keep track of the most recent stories covered by The Stack Report ourselves, be sure to follow the TSR accounts on the various socials: