Announcing The Stack Report
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December 2, 2021 11:00 PM

Announcing The Stack Report


Blockchain technology has the potential to become a new decentralised infrastructure layer for people to collaborate, communicate, exchange value and ideas. A new generation of builders from a diverse set of backgrounds is embedding new, challenging ideas into this next tech stack for society. Their stories are developing as we speak — and because this is happening digitally, open source, and “on chain”, we can all observe their stories as they happen.

The Stack Report will transform the data streams coming from this stack of digital, social and physical layers of this new decentralised world into data-driven weekly and monthly reporting and long-form deep dives into specific topics. Our focus will be on the self-amending, energy-efficient Tezos blockchain. The project will leverage existing and custom-developed blockchain data analysis tooling. Bringing together a small team of specialists in data science, visualisation & storytelling to capture the unique stories developing on the Tezos chain.

Who founded The Stack Report?

The Stack Report is initiated by Erwin Hoogerwoord.


This initiative is an evolution of previous reporting I have been doing on NFT activity, creating weekly visual recaps of the Tezos-based HicEtNunc NFT platform using on-chain operations data. NFTs are one layer in this new decentralised stack of technologies. With The Stack Report I want to bring this kind of data-driven reporting to the rest of the Tezos tech stack, which is just as interesting.


Why is this kind of reporting relevant?

The core proposition of blockchains is that it can enable transactions between people and entities without relying on trust. The “trust-less” model of crypto aims to remove the trust-based relationship people have with their direct institutions and banks. Instead, this is replaced with a combination of cryptographic proof and transparency into the data and systems. Enabling potentially every participant to validate a publicly agreed-upon chain of transactions. This brings the expectation that enough participants in this kind of system will be able to build a deep enough understanding of the multiple layers of this tech stack to eliminate the much simpler trust relationship. The intention of The Stack Report is to provide an on-ramp for people to build that understanding.

What to expect?

Early 2022, The Stack Report will start to produce weekly and monthly visual data-driven summaries on multiple facets of the Tezos tech stack. Covering aspects such as on-chain contract calls, network growth and code / protocol evolution. Next to that we will be doing research to create long-form stories delving into specific aspects of blockchain technology and applications.

These stories will be shared across multiple channels. To not miss out, be sure to follow The Stack Report across any or all of these platforms:

  • @thestackreport (Twitter)
  • @thestackreport (Instagram)
  • @the-stack-report (LinkedIn)

An example of previous reporting done on HicEtNunc NFT activity:

For more information, or if you wish to get involved, reach out to:

erwin @

Watch and share the video teaser: